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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Suits you SIr

As I have mentioned all too often things are very busy round here at the moment, I have a very big job on and still have all my normal work to fit in around it.   This means that most evenings I am just coming home and flopping on the sofa till crawling of to bed to prepare for it all starting again in the morning.

On Monday I did have an interesting day, on behalf of one of my consultancy customers I attended the AGM of a trade Association.   This is an organisation I used to be very active in on behalf of a former employer so I knew quite a few people there, and f course the meeting involved all the usual social aspects of these things with a nice(ish) lunch etc.
From the point of view of this blog what was interesting was how I was dressed and how I felt.   This was one of those rare occasions when I had to be in drab and looking good.   I wore a dark blue two piece suit grey shirt with paisley silk tie.   Underneath I was wearing boxers, men's socks, and black oxfords.   Indeed my entire ensemble was male, but having said that I knew I was looking good, I even had a compliment from one lady on my choice of shirt and tie!   The thing is I knew I looked good, this made me feel good, I was confident and relaxed.   I walked straight and stood tall.  

Now when I used o wear a suit every day these self same clothes would not have had that effect on me, I wonder how much of how we feel is down to what we wear, like an actor getting into character through the costume......Anyway back to work now
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