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Paula's Place

Monday, 27 February 2012

More Fashion

Browsing through the web for London fashion week I came across Jonathan Saunders' collection there is a lot of this that I like very much.   To my shame his is not a name I know well but will be watching out for in the future.
This is a really nice dress, not sure I have the figure for it ~ but it would be fun too try.

Of course there was also the self indulgent rubbish that will never be worn, and will have no influence on the high street.   I don't know if the idea of these creations is to publicise the designers name by ensuring a photo in the press, or just the drive to try to be different.

As I get older I am becoming more interested in fashion,, maybe it is the influence of my teenage daughter, but I think it is just that as other more masculine interests get less, err interesting other interests emerge.
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