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Monday, 9 January 2012

Am I selfish

Well the answer has to be yes, in so many ways, but here I am specifically concerned with my cross dressing.   Like all too many of us I thought that when I got married I would be able to control any residual urges I might feel to dress.   At the time of our marriage I was so in love and so satisfied that I was feeling no urge at all to dress, I thought this was something that was finally behind me.   If course the compulsion re-emerged and eventually my wife found out.   It has been a difficult time for her, it is not something she chooses to talk about but I know it causes her pain - and I carry on anyway.   That is the nature of the compulsion.   I try to stay at least semi closeted for her sake, she finds it bad enough that I do this, that others should know would mortify her.

Looking on T Central I saw this and followed the links, I suggest you do the same

    "Andrea is the partner of Jane Fae, who has spent most of the last two years in transition and had her GRS last year, For Andrea that two years marks a significant anniversary, for it was two years ago that her bloke came out to her about gender issues.
In her post "
Two Years On", she reflects on those two years, and how it has affected her. Required reading for any of us who have wives, husbands or partners. "

I have no plains, or indeed inclination to transition,  I am still too fond of Him, but  suspect that much of this mirrors my own wife's experience and that of many of our partners.
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