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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tents boats and bras

Lots of grim financial news again today, three major companies in trouble.   Our major outdoor leisure retailer Blacks Leisure has been bought by JD Sports, how many store will stay open and what they will stock remains to be seen.   Blacks Leisure includes about 100 Black's stores and  about 200 Millets stores selling outdoor clothing and camping equipment.   If as I expect JD concentrate on the clothing then maybe this will be our winter of the discount tent.

Sea France has also gone into enforced liquidation with the loss of hundreds of jobs in both France and the UK, with all the assets up for sale and the ships probably being bought by one of the existing operators, this will reduce competition on the cross channel route even further, also I must admit they were my favorite boats, i for one will miss them.

Finally the third company to go into administration before being sold off is La Senza, while around 1,100 jobs will be saved that does mean a loss of of 1,500, with only 60 of the 146 store and 18 concessions being part of the deal.   While my heart goes out to the 1,500 people being made unemployed, I can't help wondering if there may be some lingerie bargains out there.

I feel quite pleased with myself that I resisted the temptation to illustrate this post with lots of gratuitous pictures of sexy girls in their underwear. (I hope you are not too disappointed0
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