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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mini skirts and high heel boots

On my last post I recounted the trip we made last night, or at least the show we went to, I am still buzzing with the experience this morning, a great performance from a bunch of really nice blokes, but my aim this morning was not to undertake more publicity for the SWO (although I probably will at a later date) but to make a couple of observations on the journey, and the audience.

As I spend my working life in suburban gardens I don't get into town much so when I do I try to  keep my eyes open, to see what women are wearing.   As we travelled by train I had ample opportunities for my observations.   The first thing I noticed was that there was a lot of leg on display.   The most popular combination last night seemed to be black min skirt, black hose and knee high boots, this look managed to range from the classy and elegant but sexy, through to the "are you sure", the differences are subtle and mostly down to the rest of the look - make up, accessories etc. and of course the fit!   The miniskirts did not seem to be limited to the younger girls either I did notice a couple of very well presented mature ladies carrying off this look with great style and aplomb.   Back in the day Condalessa Rice was known to sport something close to this look.

When George W. Bush's second Secretary of State wore these knee-highs to Wiesbaden Army Airfield in Germany four years ago, the Washington Post's Robin Givhan daydreamed Rice was a "dominatrix," adding, "Rice's coat and boots speak of sex and power — such a volatile combination".
Now apart from enjoying seeing "a bit of leg" I was quite struck that this was counter to what I am reading and seeing in the fashion pages where they are all telling us that hemlines are lower, I like hemlines that are either high or low, I'm not a fan of anything in the middle, but generally given the choice I prefer high. In fact I like the whole miniskirt, black hose and boots look, especially when teamed with a nice blouse and tailored jacket, and better still a long coat unbuttoned as a bit of a tease. I think I might get the old black leather mini skirt out a couple more times while it is still cool enough to wear my boots after all.
The other thing I noticed was heel heights, these again seemed to be either high or low - and these days by low I mean non existent!   I rather like the look of ballet flat (almost slippers) especially with
trousers, but I just haven't yet found any that I would be comfortable wearing out.

I have to say that I have found it very difficult finding library pictures to illustrate his post, I have trawled quite a few fashion sites, ad a few Goggle searches and none of them came up with exactly what I have in mind, but some of these are pretty close.   Surprisingly the one of Condalisa Rice is closest, I just have in mind a shorter skirt than a Secretary of state should wear.   Maybe I will have to find a tame model or photographer and get some shots myself.
And yes the title of the post is a blatant attenpt to see what searches are attracted to the blog

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Joni Roberta said...

I've gotten very into tall boots this winter. But, the ones I have are low heels (about 1 inch).