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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Naughty Knickers

Further to my post on lingerie the other day, a quick inventory tells me that I have far too many knickers of an inappropriate nature.   Of course some would say that having any at all is inappropriate, but I think we have already passed that stage on this blog, no what I have in mind are the type of underwear that is designed to be taken off, or pushed to one side, rather than to be worn on a trip to Tesco.   Bridget Jones had the conundrum of comfort verses appearance on the underwear front when dating, I am thinking more in terms of comfort and practicality against fantasy.

Yes there are some items in my knicker draw than could only make an appearance in a male fantasy, and then they would not be worn by somebody looking like me.   I must have bought these with some strange ideas in mind, in my heart I know that this is not what any sane normal woman wears, these are items sold to men to give to women in the hope of satisfying some fantasies.   The women then get fed up with the useless uncomfortable things (the panties not the men - although......) which they will never wear given a choice.
Inappropriate "Boy Shorts"

So, I am going to have a cull, lets face it no lady past a certain age should wear a thong, since I am past a certain age they will have to go.   So called "boy shorts" are simply not practical for boys, the cut of this style, while very alluring on the right young ladies, just does not have the correct capacity to contain a gurl like me, so they can go as well.

This does not mean that I am going to limit myself to big pants and really, really boring underwear, I can still keep my matching animal print panties and bra set, it's OK to have stockings and suspenders, satin and lace is fine, fun is allowed, all I am going to exclude are the same items that any lady my age would.   If what I am doing is about getting in touch with my feminine side, expressing my female nature through presenting in a female manner, if what I am doing is not about sex, then there can be no place in my wardrobe, my knicker drawer or indeed anywhere else for items that verge on the margins of fetish.

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