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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A mixed bag

Yesterday, (Friday) Paula had the day to herself, with just a few errands that had to be run, and a bit of work to do on the computer.   As usual it took me longer than anticipated to get ready, and in the end I was not totally happy with my appearance, but decided that I had spent so long getting ready I was not going to change or re-do my make up so I would have to do.

As soon as I was on my own I had painted my finger nails to match my toes (bright cherry red, very seasonal) and they looked good, after that my undies, then makeup and finally my grey "Prince of Wales" check dress.   I would have preferred a longer dress but interestingly all my longer dresses are summer weight, while most of my heavier or lined dresses are shorter.   I also decided to wear my new tights that I went to so much effort to buy from Lidl, unfortunately on me they did not look nearly as nice as the picture ( ), I had expected the pattern to be much more square and larger than it actually was, anyway by this time I felt I had wasted enough time, so as an acknowledgement of the weather I put on my coat and boots, and promptly put a ladder in my tights.   As the ladder was quite low down it was covered by the boots so I decided to ignore it.

My first two errands were to deliver business Christmas cards and diaries to a couple of Local Authority customers, I knew I could just drop these off at the front desk and get away, but there was always a risk of being seen and recognised - but I was not overly worried.   the only trouble I hit was with traffic, the people I saw at the front desks of both Councils were charming.   Next came the bank, here I had quite a pleasant little chat with the (male) cashier explaining about my business name, what the initials stand for, how I had selected the name and what the business does.   They didn' have many customers so it was nice to spend a little time just chatting.

After this I allowed myself the luxury of completing my Christmas shopping, I picked up some books for my Mother and a lovely Liberty Print silk scarf for my Wife, then I needed a coffee and a sit down.   I don't think I have been into the Nero's in West Wickham before but again the staff were so nice that I shall be returning, this then just left the final assault on Tescos.   I knew that if I went to my local store there was a good chance of running into a neighbour or friend from Church, so went to a store a little out of town, this is bigger than my local one, but didn't seem to have as good a selection of wine (my main purchases).   Here I did feel a little obvious, there I was wearing quite a short dress, knee boots with very high heels (altogether they make me about 6'2") I was over dressed, over height and over loaded.   I was thank full to get out, but still enjoyed the experience a lot more than I would have in drab!

Knowing that I still had a couple of hours free time I made my way homewards, but stopped off at what is fast becoming a regular watering hole, the Grape & Grain.   Here I enjoyed a glass of wine on my own while having a 45 minute 'phone conversation with one of my customers.   It was as I took off my overcoat and sat down on the comfy sofa here that I realised that the ladder in my tights had now run nearly the whole way up my leg.   In all I was disappointed in my tights, enjoyed my day out enormously, but glad to take off my boots and put on some slippers.

This morning (Saturday - Christmas eve) I have cleaned the polish off my toes nails, and cut my finger nails to a more conventional male length and shape.   Each time I do this I morn a little, but I shall be fully male in my dress now for the rest of the year.
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