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Thursday, 29 December 2011

She's gone

It's a strange time Chez G at the moment, post Christmas blues and all sorts of things are happening, I am having my first holiday of the year, my wife is poorly, we had to visit the local A & E today, and it looks like there will be urgent surgery in the next week or so.   Daughter is out with boyfriend more often than at home, when at home she is mostly in her bedroom.   Money has just run out and there is a tax bill to pay next month.   But none of that is the point of this blog, or this post.

Gloria earlier this year - somewhere in France
Next month the Low Emission Zone in London is extended to include small vans, this means that every time Gloria hits the streets of London it would cost me £100   Since this would simply not be viable reluctantly I had to act.   I have sold Gloria and bought a new(er) van.   To say there will never be another Gloria is a bit glib, but I am determined that I shall not be naming her successor.   It seems to me that as soon as you name something you imagine it develops character, then parting becomes morning.  
Jade - still missed
I have a bit of a thing for old cars, well actually I can be much more specific I have a bit of thing for Rootes Group cars of the 1960's especially Singers.   I have had a few now but the ones I miss are the ones that had names.   I know I will miss Gloria, just as I miss Jade, and Petal, and Minnie, and George..... as you will understand none of these are people.  

People are much more important that's why I am much more concerned about my wife's health, and quite happy about my daughter upstairs in her bedroom, practising on her new Ukulele.   Also why just at the moment the last thing on my mind is how I am dressed
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