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Paula's Place

Friday, 16 December 2011

Je suis un Rock Star!

I may have mentioned that I'm a musician - yeh like I may have mentioned I'm a cross dresser! well, anyway the point is that on Monday night I had  rehearsal with one of the London Orchestras I play with. Because of their programme choices this is he first time I have played with them for nearly a year.   During the interval the conductor came over to greet me, and thank me for coming, he then made the rather interesting comment "Wow, you look like a rock star"   I'm still not sure how to take this, Will is quite a bit younger than me so maybe his idea of a rock start is different to mine.

It may have been a reference to the way I was dressed, my snug fitting ladies jeans, a floral shirt and ladies denim jacket, or it may have been a comment on the length of my hair, or maybe it was that somehow I was showing that I felt confident in how I looked as a presentation of myself.   I like my long hair, although I am overdue a trim, I like the way I look when I wear this denim combination with a nice casual shirt, I am happy with my skin since I have been using a moisturiser.   In fact I think I am a much better looking bloke since I have started to come to terms with being a woman sometimes.

The next night (Tuesday) we had our Concert in St John's Smith Square, the dress code was DJs so I limited myself to a pair of black sheer tights under my Dorothy Perkins trousers, (matching black panties of course).   I still hope on day to combine my two passions and be able to play a concert as Paula.
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