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Paula's Place

Sunday, 4 December 2011

100 Today!

This is my 100th post, and I've had a little under 4,400 page views.   On an occasion like this it's nice to have a good positive story to tell.

Last night after my concert (which went well, but not brilliantly) I made a quick change and a dash back to Croydon just in time to join the group for coffee.   I was, I felt, rather glamorous with that very slinky LBD lots of sparklies and my wonderful four inch heel metallic burgundy pumps.   It was a shame that I was late and that the meal was over and the others tired and ready to go home.   We had a chat over coffee and then I was able to give one of the girls a lift home, but I was definitely not ready to go home myself.

Finding myself unexpectedly on my own and dressed up for a night out I decided that I should at least go somewhere for a glass of wine.   I looked at a few places but none seemed appropriate, when I remembered a pub quite close to home, that is quite civilised, catering for a more mature and quiet clientele.   I parked up not too far away and walked past quite a few Saturday night revellers as this is a lively area on a Saturday night.

I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine at the "Grape & Grain" where I was welcomed by owners, the staff and customers.   Thus I had a very pleasant end to a very good evening; I just wish that I could have extended it further.
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