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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The weekend

I had hoped to go out at the weekend. My support group meets every second Saturday of the month and of course that is this weekend and I had planned to go.   However it now seems that this may be difficult, my daughter is going to be out, acting in a Church event in London, although she has been promised a lift home I think that maybe I should stay in and be available, just in case.   I haven't said anything to the family yet, so maybe I will have to play this one by ear.

On Sunday I definitely won't be playing anything by ear, everything must be absolutely correct, I am conducting my Band at a very prestigious remembrance service, and I can't allow for anything going wrong.   On Saturday afternoon I will be going over to the band room and loading Gloria up with all the Band Kit ready to take up to town on Sunday morning, when I need to be bright, alert and ready for anything.   So maybe it is a good thing that I won't (probably) be going out on Saturday night.

I shall have to have a careful look in the diary and see when I can organise a Paula day.   There are a couple of exhibitions I want to see up in town, and somehow I need to do some Christmas shopping, so I will be taking at least one day off in November, sometime.
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