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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Smudge is still not well, but he is getting better.   At the end of last week we were very worried about him, we have now found out that the vet was not really expecting to him to make it to this week.   My wife took him in again today and he had another steroid shot.   He is on the mend but not yet out of the woods.  

He has a viral infection, but is fighting it off, now he needs to drink a lot more, and feed up he is just a bag of bones at the moment.   He has always been a bit skinny but now it is extreme, so he is going to get spoilt rotten over the next month or so, the only trouble is trying to find something that he likes.   He is such a fussy eater that it is difficult.

Ripple "Helping"
His brother, Ripple on the other hand is a totally different matter, he is in robust good health and is very muscular, as can been seen from the photo he also takes a keen interest in my blogs.

I'm still not sure whether I will get out to my support group meeting this weekend, but it is not looking hopeful,   If I don;t go then I shall have to find myself another opportunity, I just need to let Paula out every now and again.
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