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Monday, 7 November 2011

Transsexual Summer

As a general rule I really rather dislike reality TV shows, I don't watch "UK's got Talent" or "X Factor" unless it's on for my daughter. I will not watch "Big Brother" and things like Airport and the like just leave me cold.

Well Channel 4 is putting the TV into reality TV (I'm sorry I just couldn't resist that, and I suspect I won't be the last one).   Tomorrow (Tuesday) night they will be airing the first episode in a new show "My Transsexual Summer"    Channel 4 say it is "A series that follows seven people who are undertaking a range of gender reassignment procedures as they make the ultimate journey to realise their true identities"

I have set my black box to record the series, and will try to stay open minded.   I just hope that the seven people sharing their summer with us will not be held up for ridicule, or entertainment.   On the Channel 4 website there is a glossary of Trans Terminology, a quick who's who of the residents and an interview with one of them.   Whilst this all looks quite good and sensible at this stage - well so did Big Brother
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