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Monday, 7 November 2011


There has been a bit of discussion around recently about stockings, including a post I put up at a forum I am a member of

"Last night I went out to the theatre, this gave me the chance to "glam up" a bit and I wanted to wear a particular pair of very impractical shoes, with an open toe. Now it's not the weather to go bare legged so I wanted some hosiery without a reinforced toe. With what I had available this meant stockings.

When I first started dressing and then going out I preferred stockings, somehow they were more feminine, more other, and definitely made me feel a little sexy. Latterly I have been favouring tights (pantyhose) for the ease, comfort and practicality (they also help keep everything in place). But last night I felt so good and I am wondering if some of that is down to the special feeling from wearing stockings again."

Meg has also written about how she rarely wears stockings but enjoys them when she does.   From the comments that we have both received I get the impression that stockings are very often the hosiery of choice amongst cross dressers, however my experience is that very few genetic girls will wear stockings, unless they are trying to have a particular effect on a man.   This makes me wonder as cross dressers do we like to wear stockings because we like to see women wearing them? do we like them because we associate them with being sexy? are we at some level hoping that we will have that effect on a man? or is it because they are special, and so totally different to any form of male attire?

I don't know, but I do know that I like them and will carry on wearing them, but not exclusively. Sometimes the practicality of tights will win the day, and I also have a particularly slinky black dress that I am waiting for an opportunity to wear that is so form fitting that suspenders would show, so tights and those special panties that have no visible pantie line will be a must.   Don't worry when I get the opportunity for this outfit I will let you know, and I will post pictures.
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