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Paula's Place

Sunday, 6 November 2011

More lies.......

I got a marketing e-mail the other day, nothing new in that, it did the usual and fell into the Junk box and got ignored.   This morning as I am am just pottering around the computer I opened it up and read

£32.90 instead of £89.95 for a pack of 3 Wauw Bras – say goodbye to rubbing, chafing bras and save 63% on the only Bra you'll ever need

Now I don't know Wauw bras they may be very good, but a couple of thoughts come to mind, the first was how many bras are purchased because they are needed rather than wanted?   Then, if this is the only bra you'll ever need then why would I want three?   Also of course there is the thought that I don't need a bra at all, I just want one, well I want several actually.  

This is before I start to think about how plain and boring these bras are as a garment.   I am sure that all ladies like a bit of frippery about their underwear at least occasionally, and then of course there are those occasions when a lady likes to look maybe at least a little seductive, then these definitely won't hit the mark.
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