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Paula's Place

Saturday, 26 November 2011


I have mentioned before that I have a weakness for shoes, I think most cross dressers do.   Men's shoes can be, well a bit boring.   Women's shoes on the other hand are exciting, frivolous, beautifully put together, decadent.   My selection range from the sensible and comfortable too the downright silly, via the beautiful but painful and difficult to walk in.   I'll leave it to you to decide which are which.

These are of course just a few of the shoes I have, and none of the boots, that could be another whole post in it's own right.   Of course I have favorites at the moment they are a couple of pairs of Roland Cartier pumps, with around three inch heels, I have pictured one pair of these here (on the right), I am finding them very comfortable and easy to wear, and of course very attractive.  

When I start to think about how many pairs of shoes I have, and how few opportunities I have to wear them it seems very, very silly, but I have such a weakness that whenever I am out and find a pair of shoes that fit I am tempted to buy them whether I actually like them or not.   I might have mentioned before that I need more self discipline, this is why.
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