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Paula's Place

Monday, 28 November 2011

Still Stealthy

Having read Megs most recent posts it's good to know I'm not alone.   As I have said before I like to push the envelope of what is acceptable male attire. tonight I pushed quite hard, and, no reactions anywhere.

My band was playing for a Mason's dinner, I was conducting, the agreed dress code for the band was all black, i.e. open neck shirts and trousers.   As the conductor I feel obliged to be a little more flamboyant in my dress than the rest of the band.   This evening that meant a black satin cap sleeve blouse, black laddies dress trousers, over sheer tights, men's oxford shoes and a dinner jacket.   And guess what - no one noticed

After the gig I changed my shoes to some more, or less, appropriate open toed high heels, and lost the DJ   I had a coupe of glasses of wine at one of my favorite, safe, bars. but no real interaction with any civilians.   I want to chat, join in with any fun, maybe even be chatted up.....

I think that is my biggest disappointment, all dressed up and nobody cares
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