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Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Weekend starts here

Written Friday Night

Here being the sofa, with a glass of beer, and maybe a whisky after dinner.   I have been working really hard this week laying a new lawn for one of my customers, so I am just physically worn out.

However tomorrow I have plans, there are lots of chores around the home, daughter ferrying to do and a couple of rugby matches to watch, but highlight will be a meeting of the Croydon Trans group in the evening.   The group meets the second Saturday of each month, but with one thing and another I have not been able to get to a meeting since my first one back in March.   That meeting was great so I have been looking forward to going to another ever since, it's just that my schedule has not allowed it.   Well this weekend I was planning to go to Cardiff on Saturday morning, but I need to visit and quote for a potential job, so the trip has been delayed by 24 hours.   This means that I can go on Saturday night, it also means that I may not be posting for a couple of days.   I will try to pre prepare some posts, but no promises.

Now I need to decide what I am going to wear.   The weather has just changed we have gone straight for high summer to mid autumn, and I am still confused.   I expect a lot of women will be wearing jeans or other trousers this weekend,but when I have the opportunity I want to wear a dress, at the very least a skirt.   I will report, and hopefully have a few photos as well.
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