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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Saturday Night

This was only the second meeting of the support group I have managed to attend, they are an excellent group of ladies, and made me feel very much welcomed and at home, I was soon quite relaxed.   That is I was comfortable in the company not as in “relaxed as a newt”.

On my way to the meeting

There were only four of us there on Saturday, which while it may seem like a disappointing turn out did mean that we could have some in depth meaningful conversations, or in my case frivolous meaningless banter.   It was especially nice to meet up with Helen again.   Helen organises us, rounds us up and keeps us under control.   Seriously she is magnificent.

Helen works in a very macho environment which is not naturally sympathetic to someone going through transition, yet what really struck me seeing her again after seven months was how happy and contented she appeared, I must assign a lot of this to the progress being made with her transition.   In a situation where I suspect many people would want to be supported become introverted and very self centred, Helen is going out giving presentations, promoting tolerance of thse of us who are a bot different in our gender idintity, helping various groups to understand who and what we are.   I am going to nominate Helen for the Independent Pink List awards.
and on my way home afterwards

It is always good to know you are not alone especially in something like cross dressing which society in general seems to frown upon so a support group like this one is very important, or maybe essential.    On a serious note I would strongly recommend joining a local support group meeting other girls in the same or similar positions to yourself, and just relaxing, realising that you are not alone.

I have often heard it said that 1 in 100 men cross dress to some extent or another, if that is true then there are at least 1,500 cross dressers in Croydon alone, if you all came to our meetings we would not all fit in the “Bird” we would have to meet at the Fairfield Hall, now there’s an aspiration.
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