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Friday, 7 October 2011

French Trip (part 3)

I am doing this all by memory, so I may have some place names wrong, but I think the idea will come through OK, Well Sunday morning arrived after a great Saturday night, as I got up showered and got dressed the thought that I had been called Monsieur by one of the staff last night rankled.   Everyone else I had encountered on this trip had called me Madame and had treated me properly as a lady should be treated.   I thought I'll show 'em and got out my Daisy Dukes, wearing them over some pink/purple leopard print tights and my knee high FM boots.   Maybe this wasn't such a wise outfit choice, there were times later in the day when I regretted it.

Gloria in the highest car park available

Breakfast was uneventful and relaxed, I then got under way heading north again.  I was soon passing the town of Langres, this is on a hill and is visible from miles around, it looked interesting so I made a small detour and visited.   Langres is still a Military town with active regiments stationed there.   Of more interest to me are the old battlements and defenses.   I parked Gloria up and decided to have a walk around and take some photos.

The Ramparts
It was as I was walking around that I began to worry about my wardrobe choices.   The heels were perhaps just a little too high, the shorts maybe a little too short, and the wind just too strong.   As I was walking around the town taking in the sites, appreciating the hill, the cobbles and the lack of a street plan I began to realise that these boots were not made for walking! However these tights were made for attracting attention, and maybe I just didn't want that much attention when I was struggling with the combination of cobbles and heels.   That having been said, what a great place, and what wonderful views.   After a nice easy day I stopped at a Campanile motel at Bar-le-Duc within easy reach of Calais for my ferry home the next day.   The hotel was on an out of town estate, so I just had a couple of drinks in mt room , and dinner at the hotel.   I fear I may have had slightly more wine than was good for me, but overall another good day made into an excellent one by dressing how I felt, and I still had my nail polish on!

The view from the Ramparts

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