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Paula's Place

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Yesterday (Wednesday, sometime I manage to write these posts in advance, other times I am desperately trying to keep up.) I couldn't work much due to the weather, and I quite simply didn't fancy it much anyway.   Once it became clear that I would have all day free, I called a friend (I'll call him G) I had been meaning to see for a few months.   As he does shift work he was free so we met up in the afternoon.   Although G knows of Paula, and indeed has seen me dressed I did not think it would be appropriate to go to his home dressed, and there wasn't time to do much before getting there.

That having been said it seemed like too much of an opportunity to let it go, so I was under-dressed, with just a pair of jeans and a (ladies) polo neck with a (ladies) denim jacket.   I had to pick up some supplies on the way but had a limited of time before the arranged meeting time, so I did something I have not done for some time, a half way.   I put on eye makeup but left it at that and put on a pair of high heel ankle boots.   This makes for a quite fem presentation, while doing nothing about covering my beard growth, (Not much as I had a close shave with a new blade in the morning) boobs or hair.   I didn't think I attracted any undue attention as I walked round, certainly no comments.  I  engaged in conversation with another customer, and spent a while chatting with staff.   After that it was time  to get over to G's, so I changed back into some non committal shoes, and got over there.

I was of course totally aware of what I was wearing but I had forgotten that I still had my eye makeup on.   The eye shadow was fairly subtle but I was also using mascara so anyone looking would be able to see.   Also since I was not wearing socks, just some fairly sheer black tights again if looked at obvious. Now G did not say anything, even when I commented on my on line friends and our "shared interest" I am not sure whether that means he does not want to talk about the subject, did not realise or was just more interested in the main thrust of our conversations.

G is my longest standing friend and I know he would support me whatever, but I also know that he may find my dressing awkward.   I hope not as apart from our long and close friendship he is also an excellent keen amateur photographer.......................

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