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Paula's Place

Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween - again

I know a lot of you will be using Halloween as an excuse to go out
dressed, this year I might even do that myself, but lets agree that if we are going to do it lets do it well.   Browsing through the Telegraph on line I found a slide show of Celebrity Halloween costumes, some good some not,

Now I don't know much about Perez Hilton, no make that I don;t know anything about Perez Hilton, but I have to admire the amount of effort that has clearly gone into his Halloween costume.   If I can come up with something as good, and socially acceptable I will be "well chuffed".

As it is I'm still not sure what I will be doing on Saturday evening, my wife and daughter will both be out so I effectively can do whatever I like, the only thing is, I need to have a destination, and preferably company.   What I would really like is for some body to take Paula out for dinner.
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