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Paula's Place

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Saturday Night - part 1

I did go out last night, I know as I have a bit of a hangover now, on Sunday morning.   I have made an interesting discovery, Paula drinks wine and it doesn't take that much to make Paul suffer the next morning, and forget that the clocks change so I could have had an extra hour in bed.

Well nobody phoned up and asked me out to dinner, so I hunted around for somewhere to go. In Croydon there is a very good, very small theatre, The Warehouse, last night they they had a play that looked interesting so I decided to see it, and give Paula a new adventure at the same time.   I spent longer getting ready than I normally would, simply because I could, I planned my outfit down to the last detail , had a long leisurely bath and put the finishing touches to my shaving.   After that I used a moisturising cream all over, put on my bra panties, cinch, stockings (yes stockings I was planning to wear some very glamorous open toed shoes and the only hosiery I have without reinforced toes are stockings), and slip before putting on my makeup.   It was nice to be able to spend time getting the look just right, a little more eye make up than I would use during the day and a brighter lipstick, although I didn't get my nails quite right I was very happy with the result.   Finally the dress and jewelry, first hitch my dress was actually just a little too short for the slip and I don't have a shorter slip available, so I had to abandon the slip altogether.  

Then I thought my shoulders looked a little "bold" so I should have something with me to cover them, and managed to dig out a large silk square I have.   I am very aware that I didn't really know how to make the most of this item and will have to investigate.
The glamorous shoes

I am a little nervous of public transport at night so I took Gloria and immediately hit the first problem - parking.   On street parking in Croydon is charged for up till midnight, but worse you can only park in any one place for up to 2 hours.   Since I was early and the play was over two hours this was a no go.   Then to make life more difficult most of the multi story car parks have height restrictions lower than Gloria's roof.   I did eventually manage to park in the Fairfield car park which meant a slightly longer walk back to the theatre than I had planned.   Not a problem other than that the very glamorous shoes I was wearing are not good for walking, very good for looking at, but not for walking.

All the people at the Theatre were very nice and friendly, I did find I was rather over dressed - LBD sparkly jewelry, stockings and as I say glam. shoes - which may well have attracted more attention than I might have sought, but no one pointed at me and shouted "That man's wearing a dress"
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