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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

France Part 4

So this was to be my last day in France, and my last day of this extended Paula time.   I was determined to make the most of it and have a full day.   My plan was to make my way north to Calais mostly by N roads, this is nicer and saves the tolls.   I would stop at St Omer for lunch in a restaurant I know there before a quick stop at a supermarket to stock up on booze.   Although France is no longer much cheaper than the UK there is always a better selection at my end of the price scale, along with one or two things that just aren’t available at home.   After shopping I would get changed back into drab and take my face off ready for the ferry back to Dover and any dealings I may have to have with border control officials, immigration, customs etc. So a good plan for a nice day.

I showered, shaved, and got myself presentable.   I had a solitary pair of trousers with me and this was the day I wore them, however as they are black slacks with a high waist and no pockets they are obviously fem, especially when coupled with fishnets, court shoes and a black satin blouse, my grey M & S jacket finished off this outfit nicely.   Though I say it myself I thought this was quite a classy look, just the little bit of the fishnets showing on the top of the foot and the odd glimpse of ankle, really making it a little bit special (dare I say sexy), rather than all plan black and grey.

After a good breakfast I was all set.   Unfortunately this was Gloria’s cue for a sulk.   All loaded up and ready to go, apart from a flat battery!   One of the hotel staff tried to give us a jump start but we could just not get enough power across to start the van engine ( a big old diesel can take quite a bit to get it going).   So they called a local garage to come to my help.   I was all packed away and the room had been cleared so the staff invited me to wait in the restaurant area, where the breakfast buffet was still laid out, after a couple of pints of coffee the truck eventually arrived.

I think they were probably pretty quick but when you are waiting these things always seem to take ages, add to that a certain nervousness about dealing with mechanics and garage staff in a language I am uncertain of dressed as was.   I have to say that the chap who came was fine, we just about managed to communicate, and the staff at the garage did there best.   At all times I was addressed either as Madam, or after they had checked the log book etc. as Madam G*&#$%n   While I was waiting I was seated in a pleasant waiting area, given more coffee, and even shown the new season Ford cars.   All that coffee took a bit of a toll and had to be lost, for once I was very glad to be able to use the ladies, French loos are rarely the best and I hate to think what the gents in a garage would be like!   It seemed like I was there for an age, eventually they told me that the alternator was OK so I would need a new battery, I acquiesced, a new battery was fitted, paperwork completed and I was on my way. YEH
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