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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hair today gone tomorrow

I am always impressed by how nice people are to Paula, very often much nicer than they are to him.   I had am instance of this yesterday.  

Now for me one of the problems of trying to look reasonably convincing as a woman is my hair.   As I am past a "certain age" I am going grey, and more to the point my hair line is try to escape to the top of my head.   So far I have been wearing a wig, initially a rather cheap but not too bad grey wig I picked up on e-bay. recently I bought a much better, much more realistic wig from the excellent Mary of Fosters Wigs in Streatham.   The trouble is that I am not particularly comfortable, I am always conscious that I am wearing something on my head, and always worried that it is not straight, or that my own hair is showing making it obvious that I am wearing a wig.

I know that with everything else this is a minor point but it worries me.   Well while driving home from Cardiff yesterday I decided that it was time for a hair cut, there is something about my hair that means men can't cut it.   Well they can cut it just not well.   Over the years the good hair cuts I have had have been by women, so as well as deciding to get a hair cut I wanted to make sure that it was cut by a woman, as I was dressed I also decided that I would try a ladies salon.   Now I am aware that for a lot of CDs this is no big deal, but for me it was a first.   I did not want to go locally so I stopped in Sunbury, and went into the salon.   As they weren't to busy I only had to wait about 15 minutes, while waiting the other customers engaged me in conversation, talking babies all very nice and very relaxed.

All mine

 I saw Dionne and explained my problem, i.e. my own hair was too long so I needed it to not stick out under the wig, or if possible to cut it so that it could be styled in a more fem manner so that I didn't have to wear the wig at all.  

She decided that there was not enough length or body at the front, and too much at the back, a wash cut and blow dry later she had transformed my hair more than I would have thought possible.   I was so pleased that I asked her to take a photo for me, that's it on the left.   I liked the look very much and did not put the wig back on before going shopping in Kingston.   As I was out and about I was not conscious of getting any more attention than I would have 
Bought from Fosters
if I had a wig on, and certainly felt more comfortable.   At the moment I don't think this can be a long term solution as by this morning most of the extra body had had to be combed out, but with a little more length at the front I think I could go for this for special outings.

Dionne and the others were really nice to me all the time I was there, treating my just like one of the girls, I did ask her permission to use her name and details on this blog and she was very happy, so if you are around Sunbury and need any of the treatments offered I am more than happy  to recommend popping in.   That having been said, next time I will be making an appointment.

So here is the question, which looks better, my own hair styled by the lovely Dionne or the wig?   This is not a rhetorical question I would like answers please, either add a comment or e-mail me.   I will try to answer every e-mail so feel free.

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