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Paula's Place

Friday, 30 September 2011

Am I Bovvered?

Now as a general principle we cross dressers are a pretty secretive bunch.   I suppose that it sort of goes with the territory, so many individuals, and society in general rather disapprove of what we do, well maybe not so much what we do but how we choose to dress to do it.   Most of us are in the closet to some extent, some in deep, others emerging like butterflies on odd days, some are more or less totally open, but will still have some areas where they daren't stray.

I considered for quite a while whether to put up yesterday's picture.   I prepared two versions of the post one with the photo, and one without.   In the end I decided that I like the photo and if anyone reading this blog recognises me from it, then I will question why they were reading the blog to start with.    So am I bovvered, do I care who knows about Paula, well in many ways I think my life would be a whole lot simpler if it were generally known that sometimes I like to wear women's clothes and go out dressed that way.   I know some people would disapprove, but I tell myself that that is their problem not mine.

On the other hand I know my wife would be absolutely mortified if she thought anyone else knew.   I love my wife and my daughter, and would not choose to do anything that would hurt them, therefore I have to be bothered (sorry I just can't carry on spelling it like that) for their sake.   We have to consider the feelings of others, the effects our actions can have on them as well as ourselves.   So if any of you do recognise me from yesterdays photo, but hadn't from the others already posted, drop me a line, but don't tell the wife.
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