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Thursday, 29 September 2011

All the world's a stage (Thursday morning rambling)

I have many interests and like to do all sorts of things, I like to think that I am a man / girl of passions and one of my passions is food.   I love food, eating it, shopping for it, growing it, and cooking it.   Last night I was cooking dinner for 25, nothing too dramatic, just some pasta with a tomato sauce, grated cheese and some salad, like I said nothing too special.   Knowing that I was going to be cooking in a semi commercial kitchen I put on my chef's whites.   Unsurprisingly they are the perfect thing to wear when cooking, everything is covered up, cool and easy  to wash.

The important thing for me is that they make me feel like a cook, you know a "proper cook". just as an actor needs the costume to get into character so I find that what I wear changes how I feel, how I act, so it is important to me to dress appropriately for the activity I am engaging in, so when I am compere at the cabaret I dress as I am on the left. ( the face fungus is now a lamented part of my past) When I am riding my bike I wear full leathers, boots gloves and full face black crash helmet, I look the part, this makes me feel the part.   What I am getting at is that I dress for the role I am filling, or maybe playing, in normal life I will choose the clothes, my costume, to suit the role, and "get into character" through putting on the clothes.   But, when I am cross dressing, I choose the clothes I like, that I want to wear, and then find the character emerging.

This may all sound a bit odd, but just think if you are feeling a bit down, but then go and put on your sexiest, most glamorous outfit, don't you start to feel sexy and glamorous, or you could put on sweats and just feel totally ugg.

This is I think one of the joys that we as cross dressers have specially to ourselves, not only can we change role, our clothes bit also our perceived gender.   When Paula goes out next week, I know she will behave differently to Him, she will drink different coffee, wine rather than beer, and will be treated differently wherever she goes.   Maybe I am spending my life play acting, and I just prefer some parts to others, or maybe I am just rambling on, barking up the wrong tree.   Let me know if you think there may be anything in this, to be honest I'm less convinced now than when I started writing this post.

No semi colons today!
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