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Thursday, 19 January 2023

Scottish reforms

I had hoped to not write about this, but it now feels inevitable. There has been a lot of fuss about the Scottish Government reform of the GRA the vast majority of it misinformed. Now the UK Government has decided to block it going forward for Royal Consent (nothing to do with the King, just the process by which it will become enacted law) 

Others understand the whole thing better than I here is a statement from a number of serious non governmental Scottish groups working in the fields of human rights, and women's services

I am worried that a small but very vocal group of hate filled bigots have been able to influence the Government so much that they would rather risk the Union than all trans people in Scotland a little dignity. 

Just to reiterate, a Gender Recognition Certificate allows the issue of a new birth certificate ~ that's all. I do have one now, that means if I get married again I will be a wife not a husband, and it means that when I die I will have "F" on my death certificate ~ that's it!

My passport, my tax documents, my drivers licence, all my fibancial affairs (bank, insurance, title deeds, registration with Companies House etc.) already show me as female. My GRC does not alter my access to single sex spaces, it does not alter my access to services or anything else.

Just out of curiosity ask yourself a couple of questions "when did I last need to use my birth certificate?" and "where is my birth certificate?" 

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Anonymous said...

I know and how many people show a birth certificate when they use a public toilet.