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Saturday, 8 January 2022

Starting How I mean to continue

2022 has got to be better than 2021 surely, last year here in the UK we started with a lock down, no communal activities at all, certainly no communal music making, and I really missed it! 

We simply don't know what this year has got in stall for us, so I'm not making any resolutions I might not be able to keep, instead I am giving myself some new year "Graces", I'm going to try to be good to myself.

I know I enjoy a bit of exercise, so I will take some ~ when I can. I will devote some time to friends, I will also devote some time to myself ~ both are important.

I will carry on my work with Croydon Pride, after an hiatus of two years caused by the pandemic we will be back in July 2022, maybe not bigger and better, but still essentially Croydon, still free admission, and still fabulous.

But most of all for me, I want 2022 to be a year of music! I want to play music, I want to listen to music, I want to write music, and I want to support up and coming local talent!

To mark just how I feel about this I started 2022 as I mean to continue, on the first of January I braved the cold and public transport to travel up to London to play for the London New Year's Day Parade (well actually a non parade as it was a static event between The Mall and Pall Mall) to play with the "City of London Brass Band". This was pretty much a scratch band, I don't think I had ever even met any of the others, we had certainly never played together as a band before. There was no rehearsal just straight in and perform, admittedly to a small live audience of a few hundred, but also to a live stream of millions!

This is what I want my music making to be in 2022, fresh, brave, and exciting!

I'm playing my unique EEb tuba "Baby" a vintage Besson New Standard customised to my personal preferences.

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Allie P said...

Great to meet you and begin to get to know you on New Years Day, Paula!
Here's to much music making this year and beyond!