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Tuesday, 25 January 2022

A Sad Day


Playing Big Shiny with the LGSO
A sad day, but I simply do not have the space for three tubas, so Big Shiny is for sale. I believe instruments need to be played so I really want her to go to a good home. 

 Conn International CC 4 Rotor Tuba | eBay

For the last ten or twelve years Big Shiny has been my main instrument, even though I only bought her to find out if I liked playing a CC, several of my live circumstances changed quite rapidly after that. These changes had other much bigger impacts, but one was that I could no longer contemplate buying a professional level instrument. All things change and as I wrote here I have now welcomed a lovely big B & S professional standard CC instrument into my stable. The downside of my stable is that it is very small and I simply do not have space for three tubas.

Mrs T
One of my few regrets in life was selling my old Hawkes & Co cavalry model BBb tuba, I just hope that selling Big Shiny won't end up being a regret. I like how she looks and how she plays, but in all fairness she does not play as well as the B & S and her sound is just not quite as robust, so now I just hope she goes to a good home, where she will get played.

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