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Monday, 4 October 2021


 It's now over six months since my last post, I have just reread it and made a couple of grammatical and spelling corrections, unfortunately I am unable to add that the situation has now changed. The case that triggered the post has now been to court, the suspect pleaded guilty, and has been given a whole live sentence. Given the nature of the crime and of the offender it is difficult to see how it could have been anything else. I hear on the radio, and read in the papers about the lack of confidence in the police, the courts, the prosecutors ~ the whole institutions of our legal institutions. There are demands for the resignation of the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, demands for inquiries into institutions, pleas for extra funding, all sorts of chatter, but so far it's hard to see any change. Indeed only today I have seen another story of a serving Met Police Officer charged with Rape 

To me all this smacks of tinkering around the edges, treating the symptoms rather than the disease ~ as I tried to express in my last post surely this problem is a systemic societal problem. If any group in society is treated less favourably than any other, if any group is less secure, has less access to services, to justice, or advancement, then that is not a race problem, it is not women's problem, it is not a homophobic problem, it is a society problem. For me the only way to change society is from the top and the bottom. We need to have the political will from our leaders for things to change, and we need to educate our children in the changes we need to make. Unfortunately we have leaders who can't see the problems and want to teach our children Latin!

ON A VERY DIFFERENT NOTE, I find myself at home for at least the next seven days, I have the dreaded Covid 19 and am obliged to isolate. I am cut off from all the activities that have kept me away from Blogging for the last six months, so no promises, but given that I notice that Paula's Place is still getting views I thought I might as well give the "bots" something to look at!

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