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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

This and that (but mostly this)

Not Dress up Friday,
just Tuesday evening
Oh dear, I failed! Dress up Friday just didn't happen. With the weather here being more than a little unpredictable I ended up working on Friday, and by the time I had finished I didn't have the energy to dress up, I just had a shower changed into my PJs had something to eat and went to bed. 

I think few of us have not been considering how things have changed for us over the last year, one question I heard asked on the radio this morning was "who have you missed over lock down?" I suppose my first thought was of course my daughter, my friends, my bands and Orchestra ~ but I think that maybe on reflection the person I have missed most might be me! I know I've been in my own company pretty much all of the time so how could I miss me?

Well, what is it that makes me me? So much of this is similar to what I was saying the other day about missing performing, the things that make me me, Pride, Concerts, meeting with my friends, making music, presenting, even taking part in communal worship ~ all this has gone by the board, I am left with just the one crucial part of my make up, my gardening. This is more than a job, it is more than a hobby, it is part of who I am. The lock down has made me realise just how important it is to me, and I am now determined to get a plot of my own to cultivate. It is crucial to who I am, but not the whole!

Another Paula
Tomorrow the USA inaugurate their new President, Joe Bidden has already announced some real, significant changes, not just in policy but also in culture, a kinder more inclusive culture. Most of us will have heard about the appointment of Rachel Levine  but perhaps more encouraging for me is that the Inauguration Prayer Service will not only be multi faith but will also be fully inclusive, with five LGBT+ faith leaders taking part including my friend Rev Dr Paula Stone Williams. I have never before taken much notice of US inauguration ceremonies, but tomorrow I may just see if I can catch a bit of it.

I have just heard that another friend of mine has been called in to have her vaccine, on reflection although there is a lot that's wrong with the World, the Virus, division, a lot of bad people doing bad things, but maybe we do have some thing to look forward to, if these vaccines can reduce our fear, and Joe Bidden can help bring in a kinder more inclusive politics around the World, then yes, definitely we have something to look forward to. 

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