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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Dressed in Black

As a musician I tend to wear a lot of black, All black is pretty much standard concert wear, indeed we often refer to "Concert Blacks". Just like my Mother I like black, she tended to mostly wear black and white, with the odd splash of grey as relief, I'm not quite as monochromatic as that, but I do wear a lot of black.   

Sorting out my laundry yesterday I noticed that the last few days outside of work I have been exclusively wearing black. I'm not sure if this is a reflection of my mood in lock down, the miserable weather  or lack of imagination. It did remind me of the old song by Mungo Jerry. While growing up most of my friends would have lusted after the Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black for me it was an aspiration to be her!

Mungo Jerry "Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black" 2014 - YouTube

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LL Cool Joe said...

I wear a lot of black normally with one other colour. I look crap in grey though, it makes me look even older.

Lovely photo of you, very glamorous.