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Paula's Place

Friday, 15 May 2020

My Office Today - I did a thing!

In this strange world we now find ourselves in I am definitely one of the lucky ones ~ I get to go out to work every day, spend time outdoors in people's gardens and do something creative which I love.

A tree that's been there for some time, blocking light 
and shading the plants below it

Most days hold some surprises as every day is different, just as every garden is different, and many of my customers are spending more time at home, looking at their gardens and coming up with ideas for change. this is the photo story of one of those changes.

The canopy raised, but still too much shade
Canopy Raised, but still too much shade on the plants below, 
the house and the conservatory

Just the trunk left
Canopy totally removed, just the trunk left

All gone, more light into the house, and the bed below, the wonderful fatsia behind it can also flouricj now.
All gone, so much more light into the house and conservatory, and now the wonderful fatsia behind and the beginias below can flourish.

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