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Paula's Place

Monday, 19 February 2018

My Office Today

Like most of these posts I am stretching the point a bit. This was actually what I was doing yesterday.   Most of the afternoon was taken up with rehearsal and then the concert in the evening.

It was a very challenging concert for the orchestra, and the shape of the Church coupled with the size of the orchestra meant we had a slightly unconventional lay out.   Rather than being stuck at the end of the Brass behind a pillar I was in front of the brass on a lower tier just behind and to the left of the bassoons. This actually worked really well for Elgar's First Symphony ~ the main piece for me ~ as much of the time I was playing with the bassoons rather than the trombones.

We also played Sibelius' Lemminkainen Suite, including the Swan of Tuonela with the Cor Angles Solo played beautifully by my friend John, who you can just see in front of me in the photo.   I am firmly of the opinion that in any family of instruments the larger ones always sound nicer.  The Cor Angles definitely supports this assertion!

After my last few rather introspective posts it's good to be able to recount some positive activity, and to make the evening even more special I had three very special guests at the concert, my Daughter, my Wife and her friend all came, and at the very least were polite enough to say they enjoyed it.
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