Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Monday, 5 February 2018

My Office today

Well not actually today, I took these photos on Tuesday last week.

My main job was to make some corrections to this frame I had put up in the Autumn for a rambling rose. I had hoped that two up rights with wires spread between would do the job, but soon found that some bracing was required.   I think the final erection is visually quite satisfactory as well as practical.

While there I felt it only reasonable to do a bit of tidying up. This is the patch to the left of the frame in the photo above, clearing away the old ferns and dead growth reveals new fronds and shoots coming through ready for the spring.

Of course we don't have to wait for the spring, there is plenty of interest in the garden at all times of year, certainly at the moment a little investigation will always bring rewards!

This was the first week this year where I managed to work every day. By Friday I was totally exhausted. I had planed to go out and meet a friend but fell asleep on the sofa

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