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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Difficult few weeks

We are now embarking on what is for me the most difficult period of the year.   After a very enjoyable festive period everybody else seems to go back to "normal" now.   For many today will be their first day back at work, for others it's the time to get ready for a return school, college, or university, but I just feel as though I am in a period of limbo.   I have eaten and drunk too much, I feel old, cold, fat and ugly, and worse still I struggle to find any enthusiasm for the day or any reason to get up in the morning.   I have very little in the way of work to do this month ~ or indeed next ~ and very little money todo anything else.

I know that I do have things that still have to be done ~ cleaning, cooking, laundry etc. etc. but find it difficult to even get started on them.   In short this is a form of depression.

But I do know that it will pass, I do know that in a couple of months the weather will be better, I will have more work to do, and I will have more money. I know that since we have got past Christmas things will start to get better, I just have to get through these next few dull, grey, cold, wet weeks and in no time at all I will be working in the sunshine wearing my shorts and singlets, complaining that I am too busy.

Right! It's about time I got going and did some washing up so I can cook my dinner! 
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