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Paula's Place

Thursday, 28 December 2017

I wish I was a Girl

So Christmas is over, all the mince pies have been consumed, and by now all tat will be left of the turkey may be a bit of soup.   My Christmas was quite free of either, but it was good, I spent it with a good friend, we relaxed, exchanged gifts and ate and drank far too much.  

My friend has a passion for Rock music, not one I particularly share but ever now and then our taste coincide, if your idea of a Pink Fairy is tiny, pretty, and pink, with gossamer wings then this band may come as a surprise to you.   I remembered this track while researching something else, and thought the album would make the perfect present for this friend. I didn't want a modern CD copy but original vinyl, I searched and searched and found a copy on e-bay, then eagerly awaited delivery, it arrived in the nick of time on Saturday (the 23rd). Just time for me to wrap the gift and take with me.

I thought for once I had bought the perfect present, something my friend would really want.    I was right! He wanted it so much he had already bought it.

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