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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Advent Calendar XXIII

But Santa, I HAVE been good!
So now it's time to celebrate what for many people is the true meaning of Christmas ~ Presents.   I will admit to not being a great gift giver, I do rather feel that all too many people spend all too much money on gifts.   Spending money they don't have on gifts that aren't wanted, for people they don't like.   I am simply trying to give some of the people I really like, things that I think they would really like, but probably won't buy for themselves.

I have just about bought and wrapped my presents, if I haven't bought it by now then I'm not going to, I did think about trying to pick up a last few items, but the idea of going shopping today just horified me too much.   Having said that yesterday I took the friend I am spending Christmas with shopping and we were pretty surprised by how civilised it all was.   The queues were not too bad, there was a lot of stock on the shelves and most people were in reasonable moods.

I just feel a bit sorry for all of those working in retail. Long hours, horrible customers, and worse of all the endless loop of Christmas pop music.   Why is that at this time of year we abandon all sense of musical criticality and are prepared to listen to such total tosh?

So am I now ready for Christmas? To be honest I was ready weeks ago, since I'm the guest and not the host again this year there's not a lot that needs to be prepared, I have my presents wrapped and I have finished playing with my balls, all I actually need to now do is pack my overnight bag!
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