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Paula's Place

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Advent Calendar XVI

Like  I said yesterday I am often inspired by other bloggers, today I am inspired by my friend Joey who has posted about gifts.    In fact he was posting about the worst gifts, but I am thinking more of the good ones.   I am sure that like most of us I have made some big errors with some of the gifts I have bought ~ it took me a while to realise that if I was going to buy any sort of clothes for my wife I was better off doing it while she was present!

I was also not too impressed when both of my brothers decided that the best way to foster my daughter's growing interest in music was to buy her a variety of percussion instruments ~ when she was only four!

When I was a child I always found that my Father was the hardest person I knew to buy presents for, every thing he wanted he had, he would buy, or none of us could afford. A few years ago I realised that it was now my turn to occupy that position, yet at least one of my friends managed one of the best present ever a couple of years ago; and of course the big banner at the top of this page is The Best Present, made for me by my Daughter a couple of years back.

I have now got to the point in life where my expectations are pretty low, in all honesty I am so pleased that anyone thinks to go to the effort to buy me something that any gifts are more than gratefully accepted.  It would be nice to get something luxurious and expensive, to feel pampered and cherished, but just to be thought of is enough!
But of course at Christmas we remember that God didn't just remember our existence, he didn't just get us a token calendar or diary, indeed he didn't really consider what we wanted; NO He gave us what we needed.  In Jesus Christ God gave the World what we all need, a chance, access to himself and something to look forward to.

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