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Friday, 15 December 2017

Advent Calendar XV

When I am deciding what to write about here I am often inspired by other blogs. Rather than simply relate some of my own experiences I will muse on the things others have stirred in my mind.   Today will be one of those days, over on Stana's Femulate Blog she has a picture of a girl in a red dress with the caption "You haven't done the holidays until you've worn this hue" This may well solve one of my current problems.

Tomorrow night I will be going out to dinner with a couple of my friends, and I am facing the perennial question of what to wear. Until relatively recently I could just look in my wardrobe and select a suitable dress that they hadn't seen me wear before.   This Christmas I am realising that I have very little in the way party frocks that my good friends will not have already seen.   I have several "Cocktail" dresses, in white, black, black and silver, and black and white.   I have evening gowns in Green, Black and Red, I have a variety  of day dresses in a variety of hues, I have suits, sun dresses, trousers and tops. I have far too many clothes many of which can be worn in a variety of combinations.   I enjoy clothes and I enjoy shopping for them, but over the last year I have managed to curb some of my excesses and most of what I have bought comes under the heading of practical.

Maybe this is an opportunity to wear a dress I have had for a few years but don't wear very often, not least because I do feel a little conspicuous when I do wear it. But since it does seem to be the colour for the season I may just give it an airing! ~ What do you think?

This photo goes all the way back to Christmas 2014, looking at it I haven't changed that much in the intervening years, but it does remind me that I need to replenish the colour in my hair, so maybe I will get on and do that now, before I go out tonight for another dinner with another group of friends!

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