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Thursday, 27 July 2017

The News

UK Government

has announced that it will put forward proposals to allow Transgender people to self define out gender, or at least make it a lot easier.   This is well overdue, although the Gender Identity Certificate was world leading when introduced, many of us now find it inappropriate, intrusive and difficult.   We have yet to see the proposals but I do hope that they will be in line with the recommendations of Select Committee for Women and Equalities back in 2011. Anything less will provoke protests from our community and supporters, but I suspect that any liberalisation of the regime will cause problems on the Tory back benches.

Diesel and Petrol engine cars to be banned from 2040, reading a little more it seems that hybrids will be allowed and as yet I haven't been able to see if commercial vehicles are affected. Since I will be over 8o by 2014 I will not be greatly impacted, but, I do worry about the drive to remove diesel engine vehicles from the roads.   Many small trades people rely on our vans to be able to work, vans need diesel engines for their torque characteristics, and we certainly can't afford to buy new.   My own van is around 15 years old, has done over 200,000 and has just passed it's MOT.   At the moment I could not afford to replace it so any ban could well put me out of business.

Donald Trump

Just defies comment really

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