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Paula's Place

Monday, 31 July 2017

People and Places

Last Friday I went to a funeral, never something to be enjoyed, but this was a friend I used to be very close to.   We holidayed together, spent many of our evenings together and often went on joint dates.   For several years we were very close, but with one thing and another our paths diverted and we lost track of each other.

After his death the Police contacted a mutual friend, who managed to track a couple of us down through another friend's son's Facebook presence. Yes we were that estranged.   So I travelled down to Bristol with my closest friend who, although also having lost contact, was to talk at the funeral  since they had been friends since infant school.

Funerals are always sad, but when it is somebody that was close who had then lost contact it is worse. Even worse is that at the end he seemed to be terribly alone.   A few years back another friend died alone having cut himself off from most of his friends, at that time I swore I would not lose contact with any other friends, everybody deserves some support.   Yet it happened again.

I have a lot of friends, since I have lived a long time (although not as long as my last post might have suggested ~ WOOPS!) and I cannot stay intimate with all of them while exploring all the wonderful new opportunities life is presenting me with.  But I will try to keep up ~ if only on line.

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