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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I'm going to Spend, Spend, Spend!

Over the years I suspect that I may have appeared to be complaining excessively about my state of impecuniosity, and maybe I have.   I suspect that my up bringing did not prepare me for many of the things I have experienced as an adult.   I was brought up with the expectation that I would be financially secure, with a reliable, clean, pensionable career. My expectation was that I would head a family household live in a nice house with a nice garden and drive a nice car.   Just as my expectation was that I would be one of the rulers of the Universe (White, straight, middle class, middle aged man) this turned out to not be true!

Let me make this clear ~ I am lousy with money ~ at any rate my own, I'm fine with other peoples!

I am not a responsible planer, I do not set aside sufficient in good times to cover bad, and even though I am mostly in low paid work I am sure that with a  bit more effort I could earn more and manage what I do get better.   However as I approach my sixth decade I know that realistically I am unlikely to change now.   Winter is always the worst time for me, I am working less and potentially spending more, at some point each winter I will run out of money, usually about or around tax time!   This year it was a bit later, I managed to pay my tax without borrowing, I got through most of the winter, then last week it hit! I had no money!

I was close to panic, I had to get some fuel before I could work, I had to buy some materials, I had somebody working for me one day this week and had to be able  to pay her!

So after the my initial panic at the discovery, I prayed about my situation, then I set about sorting in out.   I can now see my way through, an invoice I had sent out has been paid and I have generally been catching up.   Then a few days ago I received a letter from NS&I apparently I won £25 in the October Premium Bond draw but never received the warrant!

I shall today send back the form to claim my prize, and while I wait for the cheque I shall contemplate just how I will spend my winnings!

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