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Paula's Place

Sunday, 5 March 2017


Well it's nice to know that some of you do actually read what I write!

Which means that many of you spotted my mistakes yesterday, I tend to weigh myself, and think in imperial units, actually in terms of stones and pounds rather than pounds or kilos.   So I weighed myself then did some conversions. Of course being in a bit of a hurry I got the calculations wrong, which then got more calculations wrong and made myself more than twice my actual weight!

It should have been 81 kg and the BMI should have been 25.8! that does mean I am still classified as over weight but not be nearly as much.   I think my trouble is that although I can do distance and speed in either imperial or metric, lots of weight things I can do in either, but some things I just can only relate to the units I was brought up with, in consequence as far as personal weight goes for me it is stones and pounds, temperature is always centigrade a and mileage is always in miles per gallon.

Of all people I should be open to change, but this seems to be one transition that eludes me. 

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