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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Pinch Punch!

Yes it's the first of the month, so here's a couple of white rabbits.   I haven't actually spoken to anyone yet this month, but it hasn't worked as it has been raining all morning.   I'm so glad I managed to do a little bit of work yesterday as otherwise I would be going "Stir Crazy", sure I get out in the evening but it's not the same as getting outside and doing some work, exercising a few muscles and achieving something, making things a look little better.

So this year I will be checking up on myself at the beginning of each month, I need to lose some weight and start drinking less.   So each month I am going to publish a few stats, just to shame myself into action, and keep track of how well I'm doing.

So this morning I weighed myself and I came in at 13 stone (82 kg near as spitting, or for the Americans 182lbs) this gives me a BMI of 26.1 which for a woman is classified as over weight.

Not entirely unconnected is the amount I drink, I think I drink around 20 - 30 units of alcohol a week, equivalent to a couple of glasses of wine or a couple of pints each day, I think I will find it quite (or very) hard to cut down on this.   Instead I plan to aim for at least two alcohol free days each week.   I have managed that already this week, but am struggling to remember the last time I had a single alcohol free day, I think there may have been one earlier this month so I am going to claim three for the month of January; not very good!

The other side of all this is my activity levels, during January I have only managed six days when I have done any energetic work, so if it sounds as though I have spent the month lounging around at home drinking wine, well..............  

I have managed two performances, playing for the Year's day parade and a Burns' night supper.   Lets hope that I can manage some better stats for next month!
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