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Paula's Place

Monday, 30 January 2017

More Frustration

Back on the 12th of January I wrote here about the terrible service, or rather the total lack of service I was getting from my electricity supplier E-ON, well today was the forth appointment I had with them for my meter to be changed.   I suppose I should not really be surprised that yet again they totally failed!   This time I didn't see any engineer at all or even get a phone call.   When I called them, it actually took an hour and fifteen minutes, before some bright spark suggested that they look into it and call me back.

Then when came the follow up call did come I was told that an engineer claimed to have arrived and rung my bell, I do not have bell but an entry phone, there should have been two engineers, and I would have seen the van, so clearly some one is telling porkies! Other than that they can offer absolutely nothing other than yet another appointment, and a promise to follow up and investigate AFTER the job has been completed.

I would have abandoned them all together if I could get anybody else, but I can't switch supplier until after I've had the meter changed.

It simply beggars believe that any business nowadays can operate with such dreadful customer service.    I have now had three appointments and lost three days work, I think if they don't make a sensible offer I will be invoicing them for my time.
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