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Friday, 13 January 2017

Friends, and Weighty Matters

This is the post I was planning to make yesterday, before my frustration boiled over and my bile needed to be vented.   Actually as a follow up I did eventually phone EON myself I now have yet another appointment for the 30th January, we will have to see whether they can manage that one, and what sort of an offer they are prepared to make by way of compensation.

But now on to more cheerful matters, through blogging I have friends that I have never met, some live quite close, even within the same County, but many live far away, on other sides of the World. Even though I have never left Europe I now have friends in Australia, USA, and Canada.   I may well have initially come across their Blog because of some Trans content, but carried on reading and interacting with them because I am attracted to the whole person.   I am sure that if I had first met Joey in person we would have run a mile from each other, we have very different tastes in music, in clothes, in holiday destinations and many, many other things.   But get past those superficial matters and we find that we share our faith, our love for our (sometimes difficult) daughters, and many of the more important things in life.   Kim and Cyrsti are both Americans who served in the armed forces, and April a Canadian motoring journalist trying to make a living any way she can, in a trans mysoganstic world.

These bloggers become friends as we follow them, so it is very sad when one of them drops out of our lives, I miss my friend Meg, I still see the odd comment from her on Blogs we both follow like Femulate but I still miss her wit and accounts of her adventures.   I miss April and her wonderful cars, and I miss the border line obscene posts at Silver Halide Dreams.    So it was a wonderful surprise the other day to see a post from my favorite Australian Engineer after nearly 10 months absence.   It was even more of a pleasant surprise to find that I had triggered the post by my piece Why? the other day.

One thing that seems to unite us all at the moment is weight, Alice has lost 5kg but is still trying loose more, Stana has lost 14lbs and wants to shed another 9lb, while back here in snowy Croydon I want to shed at least 1 stone, and would like to get rid of another half.   I think that says something about the location of each of us. I can use either Imperial or SI units for most things, I can do miles or kilometers, I can do feet and inches or meters, I can do tons or tonnes, but I just can't relate to personal weight in anything other than stones!

Oh yes, and Zoe actually IS a Rocket Scientist!

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