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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Feeling frustrated!

This week has been interesting, Monday had been the day I was expecting to return to work, but my appointment was cancelled, and it poured with rain for a good proportion of the day. Tuesday the weather wasn't bad but I could do little as I had a treatment appointment in the middle of the day, then yesterday YAH! I managed a full day's work, pruning a very over grown lilac that I have been dying to get to grips with for a good couple of years.    Now today I am waiting at home for the men from EON to come and change my electricity meter.

When I moved in over a year ago first of all it was difficult to find out who my electricity supplier was, then I found that it was impossible to get my prepay meter changed until I had been a customer for over six months, well after six months I was very busy and only got round to organising a change in November.   I made my phone call and got a appointment on the 6th December, great I would be sorted out before Christmas!   The week before the appointment I had phone call from EON postponing the appointment, till the 19th December, well it was inconvenient but I could rearrange things to fit the new date of the 19th December and I would still be sorted before Christmas.

Well that just shows what misplaced confidence does!   After four phone calls from the "engineer" asking for directions, clearly unable to follow simple instructions or use a Satnav.   When he did eventually get here he took one look at the installation and told me that he couldn't do it as some steps were needed and he was not allowed to do that without another trained member of staff there with him.   A new appointment was made for today.   An appointment for between 8:00 and 13:00.

As I type this at 12:52 no "engineer" has arrived, but I did get a phone call from one to tell me that when he looked at his job sheet he saw that a ladder was needed so he couldn't do the job!   I am now awaiting a call from EON to tell me what they intend doing now.   Frustrated suddenly seems an inadequate word!

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