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Saturday, 28 January 2017

A bit of Passion

A few of my friends are feeling well and truly fed up with where their careers have taken them.   They find they are in jobs they don't enjoy working with (or worse) for people they don't like, for rewards that are insufficient to make up for the drudgery.    One possible answer to this problem is self employment.   When self employed you get to write your own diary, choose who you work for and what you do ~ well nice in theory.

So far this month I have managed to do about five days remunerative work, this is totally out of my control, and that of my customers; it is just the way things work out sometimes.    Many people have written much about starting a business and I will not be regurgutating all of that solid financial advise, rather I will simply warn that it is not always a bed of roses, sometimes it is a lawn of frost!

How ever I do believe that the two keys for most people to be reasonably successful in self employment, is first to only look to make a living, don't try to get rich quick! and secondly find something you love doing, and then work out how to get people to pay you to do it.   If you look for a gap in the market and simply try to fill it, you may well just find out exactly why no one else is doing that job!

I love what I do (most of the time) and have learnt to accept that there are times when I can't do enough work, and others when I have too much.

My Office Today
There are also a lot of things that have to be done which one simply does not get paid for.   I have recently been engaged on one of these.   When I moved I lost all of my storage and work space, I have now been able to replace a small bit of this, and have managed to sort out some storage for tools and some materials.   Or to put it more simply, I've got a shed!

Well maybe not quite an Office
Or maybe not really Today either
I don't have enough room for everything so I currently have quite a few various items on e-bay, and a few still in the flat.

Not a total solution but it does mean I now have NOTHING in storage.
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